You probably shouldn’t trade on Plus500

Plus500 AlternativesPlus500 is one of the most popular CFD trading platforms in Australia.  It’s definitely the one I see most advertised online.  But is it actually a good place to trade stocks and other assets?  Here are some of the reasons why I don’t think its a good fit for most people and why you should look into a better alternative.  If you’ve been thinking about signing up to Plus500, make sure you read this first.

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Aldi Mobile: Is it worth it?

Aldi Mobile LogoLooking to save a bit of money by switching to a cheaper mobile provider?  Then Aldi Mobile could be for you.  They have some of the cheapest plans available and run on the Telstra network. Here’s my Aldi mobile review to help you make a more informed choice.

How much does it Cost

With Aldi Mobile you can either go with a plan or pay-as-you-go.    The cheapest option for both is $15.  So if you’re after a budget phone plan then this is perfect.

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My top tips for CopyTrading on eToro

Note: past performance is not an indication of future results

I’ve been experimenting with the CopyTrading platform eToro.  It let’s you automatically copy the trades made by more experienced traders.   Here are some of the things I’ve learnt while using the platform:

What is CopyTrading

CopyTrading is where your trading account automatically copies the trades made by more experienced traders.  Trading is hard.  So why not let someone who does it for a living do it for you.

When you copytrade, whenever the copied trader makes a trade, your account will make the same trade.  If the trader buys some Apple Stock, your account will too.

With eToro, you can browse through the profiles of thousands of traders.  See how well they have performed in the past and how profitable they have been.  Here are some of the things to look out for when copying traders:

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