Popular Australian Investing Apps to try in 2022

Investing AppsThe number of investing apps available in Australia is increasing every month.    There are now options for every Australian no matter if you’re just starting out with just $5 or looking to grow a larger balance.

I like to test out most investing apps in Australia and these are the ones that I’ve found to be the most exciting heading into 2022.  I’ll be keeping this page updated with all the latest apps that become available in Australia over the coming year.


Pearler is an investing app that is designed to be boring!  It focuses on long term growth.  You can invest in ETFs and Shares – both Australian and US.  They offer brokerage fee free investing in ETFs if you hold them for a year.  This is similar to Superhero, although Pearler has CHESS support.

Pearler Investing App

If you’re brand new to shares and investing apps, then Pearler offers portfolio templates.  These are ready made portfolios of ETFs based on popular investing strategies.  You can also follow other community members and see what they’re investing in.

p.s – Sign up to Pearler using this invite code to get a free investment credit.


Spaceship lets you invest in 1 of 3 different managed portfolios.  I invest in the universe portfolio which is made up of future looking companies.  You can also invest in an index portfolio and a universe portfolio.  What I love about Spaceship is that you can invest with just $5 at a time.  There a no fees when your account is worth less than $5k.  Over $5k you’re just charged a percent fee.  For my account this fee is just $0.10.  Or just $5 per year for a balance of $5k – that’s pretty amazing.

Spaceship Voyager App

Spaceship is the cheapest way to invest in a portfolio of shares in Australia.  If you’re looking to build up a nest egg then this is a great option.

Performance wise the Spaceship portfolio has grown ~29% percent per annum since may 2018 (annualised performance).  Remember though past performance doesn’t mean future results will be the same.  It has been my top performing investment. You can see my Spaceship vs Raiz performance here.

You can find out more about Spaceship here


Using Stake you can invest in US shares like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla etc.  I’ve been starting to invest more in US shares over the past year and I’ve been using Stake to build my portfolio.  Stake’s biggest selling point is that it charges zero commissions.    When you deposit funds on Stake from your Australian bank account, it gets converted into US dollars.  It’s during this conversion that Stake makes money (as well as from a subscription to premium trading features).  The FX conversion fee is much less than what banks in Australia charge and it’s definitely not a deal breaker.  You’ll end up saving a fortune in fees compared to using a platform like Selfwealth or Commsec.

Dividend stocks on Stake

I mainly use Stake to invest in US listed ETFs from companies such as ARK and Vanguard.

P.S – use this Stake referral code to get a free stock when you sign up!


Raiz was one of the OG investing apps in Australia (it used to be called Acorns). The concept is simple, invest small amounts (such as $5) in a portfolio of ETFs.  You can choose a variety of different portfolios based on your risk appetite and goals.  I used to invest in the Aggressive portfolio (which performed really well for me), but I have now setup a custom portfolio.

Raiz Share Portfolios

For most people the portfolios that have been put together by Raiz are best.  They are based on some pretty sound investing principles.  Raiz charges a monthly fee to use the service.  So I would recommending at least $100 to begin with to offset any fees.

P.S – Get $5 free when you sign up using a referral code on Raiz.


Stop paying more than you need to for buying and selling ASX listed shares.  I’ve been using Superhero over the last 12 months to invest in individual ASX shares.  They charge just $5 per trade.  And if you buy ETFs they don’t charge anything.

Superhero Trading Platform

Some people worry that Superhero doesn’t offer CHESS sponsored accounts.  I don’t think that is much of an issue.  From a risk perspective there would need to be a Bernie Madoff type fraud for you to lose money.  And the risk of that happening (in my opinion) is much, much lower than the everyday risk of investing in stocks (market crashes, companies going bankrupt etc).    I’ve never understood the CHESS argument from a logical, risk based perspective.  I imagine many people will still be shouting from the rooftops about CHESS in 10 years, not realising how much money they have lost to fees.

Superhero is great for investing smaller amounts.  You can invest just $100 at a time so its great for dollar cost averaging.


eToro has a unique copy trading feature that I think is very interesting.  eToro is a social trading platform.  You can see the trades made by other traders and how they have performed.  But what’s really cool is you can also automatically copy these trades.

Traders on eToro
Remember past results are not indicative of future returns

You can browse through the profiles of experienced investors and traders and then copy the ones that match your investing goals.  Whenever a copied trader makes a trade, your account will too.

Another really cool feature on eToro is the commission free stock trading.  You can invest in US shares and pay zero commissions (just like on Stake).  I currently use eToro to trade a portfolio of US listed tech stocks (like the Coinbase and Roblox IPO).  I’ll be adding more copy trading to my portfolio over the coming 12 months.


If you’re looking to add Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to your portfolio then the best place to invest is through CoinSpot.  CoinSpot has some of the lowest fees (0.10% when buying bitcoin using the Markets feature), a great interface and a solid reputation.  CoinSpot is one of the only crypto exchanges that I trust and they are based locally in Australia.

P.S – Get $10 free when you register using a CoinSpot referral code.


Blossom is brand new and offers something that is unique in Australia.  Blossom is a fund that invests in fixed income investments.    This market has previously only been available to large corporations or high net worth individuals.  Fixed income is investments like Corporate and government bonds.  I would consider these lower risk financial investments.

Blossom Investing App

There are no minimums and no account opening fees!  Which for a fund like this is unheard of in Australia.  It will certainly make investing in this type of product (fixed income investments) much more accessible.

Blossom is targeting a 3% return.  While this isn’t really that exciting, it’s certainly better than the interest your savings would earn in a bank account (albeit with a smaller degree of risk).

Other apps to take a look at:

Here are some of the other investing apps that I’ve been testing out in 2021:

OpenTrader – Great alternative to Superhero but it has HIN/Chess support.  $5 per trade on ASX listed stocks.  Sadly the same high minimum investment requirements that all Chess accounts have.

Rush – Ever wanted to invest in Gold?  Well Rush lets you do just that.  Personally I’m not looking to invest in Gold.  If you are looking to buy Gold, you’ll pay around $1 in fees for a $200 buy (depending on how you deposit funds).  As I’m no Gold expert, I’m not sure how competitive Rush’s rates are.

BlockFi – Earn interest on your crypto.  Instead of just waiting around for the price of your crypto to go up, you could be earning interest on it.

YouHodler – Youhodlder is similar to Blockfi.  The big difference is they have better rates for some cryptos and worse for others.  I use both Blockfi and Youhodler to earn interest on my crypto.

EasyEquities – A South African company that is now available to Australians.  Really competitive fees for ASX shares (the cheapest in Australia), but terrible trading interface.  Probably the worst designed app on this page.  Not sure I completely trust what EasyEquities is offering.

There are more and more investing apps being launched in Australia.  You can keep track of all the best investing apps at InvestingApps.com.au.

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