Get $20 free to start investing on Spaceship Voyager

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Spaceship Voyager is a great little app that lets you invest small amounts in “futuristic” companies.  Why invest where the world has been when you can invest in where the world is going?!

Read on to find out how you can get $20 to start investing on Spaceship Voyager.

How to Get $20 Free on SpaceshipVoyager

Here is how to get a $20 bonus on SpaceshipVoyager:

  1. Sign up through this link
  2. Link your bank account and transfer $5
  3. $20 will automatically be added to your account

What is Spaceship Voyager

SpaceshipVoyager is an Australian app for investing in a diverse portfolio of companies.  There are two different portfolios you can choose from.  One is just a regular index fund and is made up of the same companies your super is probably invested in.  The second, and more exciting portfolio is the Universe fund.  This is made up of companies that Spaceship believes will be popular in the future.

SpaceshipVoyager is app based and has been designed for the next generation of investors.

Why I like Spaceship Voyager

I’ve been using it for the past couple of months and this is what I like about it:

  • It’s Free! – For balances under $5000 you don’t pay any fees.  Above $5k you just pay 0.10 or 0.05 depending on the portfolio you choose to invest in.  You could save yourself hundreds of dollars in fees
  • You can start with just $5 – Just a few years ago, investing in a similar portfolio would have required thousands of dollars of capital and was reserved for the well off.  You can start investing with as little as $5.
  • Automated Investing and Saving – You can setup a regular recurring deposit.  This will help you save small amounts regularly.
  • Exciting Companies – One of the things I dislike about many investments is how tied they are to the past.  I don’t want to invest in oil companies or old media companies.  I want to invest in the future.  Spaceship lets me invest in companies that excite me like Apple, Tesla and Netflix.

Find out more about Spaceship Voyager here

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