Raiz launches a messenger chatbot

My favourite investing app, Raiz, has launched a Facebook messenger chatbot.

You can use the bot for things like:

  • Ask what your Raiz balance is
  • Ask how much you spent on shopping last week
  • Ask the total of your roundups for the week
  • Ask if you can afford to go out tonight

This is a really nifty idea.  When I first heard about the chatbot, I didn’t think anyone would need it, but looking into how much it can actually do, it really does seem useful.  As well as questions about your account, you can also ask support questions on how to use Raiz and even general finance questions like “what is a stock”.

To use the chatbot you just need to search for “raiz chatbot” within facebook messenger.  You can find out more about the Raiz chatbot here.

Let me know in the comments if you think this a cool idea.

Get Raiz

If you have yet tried Raiz, then I highly recommend you give it a go.  You can get started with just $5, and your money is invested in a diversified portfolio.  It’s a much smarter alternative to simply saving using a bank account – due to the low interest rates, you’ll actually lose money thanks to inflation.  You can beat inflation by investing and the easiest way to invest is with an app like Raiz.

This month Raiz has a special offer where you’ll get $5 for free if you sign up through this link.


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