The best investing apps in Australia for 2020

The best investing apps in 2020Here are some of the best investing apps that I’ve tried in 2020.  I expect we will continue to see more and more innovate fintech apps launch throughout the year, and I’ll keep this post updated.


The best investing apps:

I’ve personally tested out all of these apps (with real money) and here are the apps that I liked the best (and still use).  All of these apps are designed for Australians with local support and currency options.


Raiz is a micro-investing app that allows you to invest in a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds.  You can start investing with as little as $5.  I’ve been using Raiz for the past couple of years and have had lots of success with it.  I like being able to set it up and just forget about it, knowing that each week my money is getting invested.

What I like about Raiz:

  • Round-ups – You can set Raiz to track your spending account (with any bank).  It will round-up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference to your Raiz investment account.  This way you can invest and save every time you spend!
  • Choose Different Portfolios – you can choose from 6 different portfolios.  All of the portfolios are made up of ETFs.  You can choose an aggressive portfolio if you’re younger and looking for capital appreciation.  Or if you’re just looking to beat inflation and maintain your capital then you can choose a conservative portfolio.  They also offer a socially responsible portfolio.
  • Reasonable Fees – For balances under $10k you’re charged a small $2.50 fee per month.  For balances over $10k, you’re charged a % fee of 0.275%.  I’ve found this % fee to be much lower than what my superfund charges.  And it works out to be a much better deal than trying to buy ETFs on my own.
  • Cashback Features – earn cashback right into your investment account when you shop online.

Bonus – Get $5 when you sign-up using this link


Spaceship Voyager allows you to invest in either an index fund of 200 top global companies or the “universe” portfolio made up of companies that Spaceship believes will be important in the future.  If you’re sick of investing in coal companies and banks (cough cough superannuation) and want to invest in the future, then Spaceship is for you.

Personally I use the “Universe” portfolio.  My account has done well over the past couple of years.  Especially as companies such as Apple and Tesla have been booming recently!  I like being able to invest in products that I actually use.  And also in companies that will be around in years to come.

What I like about Spaceship:

  • It’s Free – For balances under $5k you pay now fees.  This is amazing for young people who are just starting to build a nest egg.  For balances over $5k you pay just 0.10% for the universe portfolio and 0.05% for the index portfolio.  Is this the cheapest way to invest in a diverse portfolio?  Let me know in the comments if you can find something that’s better value!
  • Start with just $5 – You don’t need to be rich to start investing.  Anyone can start with as little as $5.
  • Setup Recurring Investments – This is how I invest.  That way it’s automated and keeps my balance growing.
  • Future looking – invest in things that are more aligned to your lifestyle (think Netflix, Apple, Nike etc).

Bonus – Get $5 on Spaceship Voyager when you sign up using this promo code.

You can find out how my Spaceship Portfolio performed compared to my Raiz portfolio here: Spaceship vs Raiz.


eToro is a trading platform that recently added commission free stock trading for Australians.  This means you can trade U.S listed stocks such as Apple, Netflix, Tesla etc without having to pay the huge commissions that brokers like Commsec charge.

Stocks available on eToro

What I like about eToro:

  • Commission Free Trading – Trade real stocks (not CFDs) and avoid paying expensive commissions.  This means you can buy and sell as much you like without fees eating away at your profits.
  • Fractional Shares – etoro supports fractional or partial shares.  This means you can invest a smaller amount of capital. The minimum trade size is just $50.  This means you can start investing with less capital.
  • CopyTrading – You can copy more experienced traders.  eToro is like a social network, mixed with a broker.  And you can automatically copy the trades made by other traders.  You can see how profitable they have been in the past, how risky they’ve been and every trade they’ve made.

Find out more about eToro here.


I’m currently using Stake to build a portfolio of dividend stocks.  Stake is similar to eToro in that it offers commission free trading on U.S listed stocks.  Stake doesn’t have the copy trading features that eToro has, but it’s still a great place to buy U.S stocks.

How to get a free stock on Stake

What I like about Stake

  • Buy Stocks with Just $10 – Stake supports fractional shares like eToro does.  On Stake you can buy stocks with just $10.
  • Huge range of Stocks – Stake has the most stocks available to trade of any platform listed here.   So no matter what niche you want to invest in, you’ll find the stocks available.
  • Deposit using POLi – POLi is a secure Australian payment method that lets you instantly deposit funds using your bank account.

Bonus – Stake is running a promo offer where you get a free stock (Nike, Dropbox or GoPro) when you sign up using this link and make a deposit.


I’ve just downloaded this app and am about to test it out.  Xinja is known as a neo-bank.  Basically a next generation bank.  They are completely app based with no branches.  When you sign up to Xinja you get a transaction account with debit card and savings account.  And the savings account currently pays more interest than any other account out there.  I think it could be a good option for an emergency fund – aka cash you need quickly to pay a bill etc.

Xinja mobile app

What I like about Xinja

  • 1.65% Per Annum Interest – No strings attached.  From my research this makes it the best paying savings account out there.
  • Quick and Easy signup – was able to open an account online.  Verification was quick and painless.

Commsec Pocket

Commsec Pocket lets you invest in themed ETFs.   You pay $2 to buy (and sell) shares through the app, which is much less than Commsec charges for regular brokerage fees.   This is an ok option if you have a few hundred dollars and are looking to invest in ETFs.   But as I discovered in this post, it’s not great for smaller investments like you’d made on Spaceship or Raiz.

What I like about Commsec Pocket

  • Low Brokerage Fees – cheaper than commsec but still more expensive than investing in something like Spaceship.  Although not directly comparable.


CoinSpot is the only product on this list that doesn’t have an actual app.  But they do have an excellent mobile site.  In fact most people probably use it through their mobile browser. CoinSpot is a crypto trading platform.  If you’ve ever wanted to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, then this is the platform that I recommend to people.

Remember cryptos are a risky investment.  They are still volatile so never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Coinspot Buy and Sell

Why I like CoinSpot:

  • Buy Bitcoin using PayID/Osko – PayID, which is the instant transfer method in your bank account, makes buying crypto really fast and safe.  You can basically buy Bitcoin instantly, no need to wait days for a transfer to happen.
  • Invest in multiple Altcoins – Coinspot supports a huge range of alt coins.
  • Different way to invest – you can buy directly or place an order at a price you like.
  • Nicely Designed – easy to use website.  Which in crypto is pretty uncommon.

This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. This post is based on individual experience and journalistic research.

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