The best investing apps in 2019

It’s amazing that in 2019 it’s possible to invest in a complex, diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds with just a couple of taps on your phone.  In fact investing has never been easier.  You don’t need lots of money to start investing anymore.  In fact you can get started with as little as $5.

In this post I’m going to share with you my two favourite investing apps for 2019 and why you should be using them.

Spaceship Voyager

Spaceship Voyager is currently my favourite investing app.  It let’s you invest in the future instead of the past.   If you’ve ever wanted to invest in companies like Tesla, Apple, Netflix, Amazon etc, then this is the app for you.  Spaceship Voyager has built a portfolio of companies that they believe are going to be big in the future.  This is a pretty smart investing concept and it’s one I can relate to.

Spaceship shows you how powerful investing is vs just saving.

If you’re after something a bit more conservative then you can also invest in their “index” portfolio.  It’s basically just an index fund made up of the top 200 companies.  Both portfolios are a much smarter way to invest then trying to pick and buy stocks on your own.  Most people who try lose money.  History has proved that those invested in a diverse portfolio do best.

You can setup regular recurring investments on Spaceship.  That’s what I’ve done and so far I’ve been really pleased with the results.

Remember both portfolios on Spaceship are for long term investing.  This is all about building a nest egg, not making money overnight.  Expect to see your investment move around a bit but overtime you’ll see compounding growth.

Minimum $ to get started: $5
Fees: Free upto $5k, 0.5% – 0.10% p.a Over $5k


Raiz has a really nifty feature called “roundups” that help you invest automatically.  You link Raiz with your bank account and it tracks your spending.  Every time you make a purchase it rounds up to the nearest dollar and transfers this small amount into Raiz.

Your money is invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds from around the world.  And you can choose 1 of 6 different portfolios based on how aggressive or conservative you want your investment to be.

You don’t have to use Roundups, you can turn them off and setup a regular deposit or one off deposit.  But I would highly recommend using them.  Roundups are so small (just a few cents here and there) that you won’t even notice them being withdrawn.  But you’ll actually be saving money and investing it every time you spend.

I’ve been using Raiz for the past couple of years and have managed to save over $4k just by spending how I regularly would.

Whether you choose Spaceship or Raiz, both of these apps are great choices for investing.  And yes we should all be investing!  If you’re just saving money in a bank account, you’re actually losing money thanks to inflation.  So be money smart and start your investment today!


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