Make Money Browsing the web with Brave

Brave BrowserBrave is a relatively new web browser that aims to protect your privacy and speed up your web browsing by blocking intrusive ads.  But did you know you can also earn a share of ad revenue if you do choose to see ads on Brave?  Brave is the only browser that actually pays you to browse the web.  So read on to find out how to make money with Brave and why you shouldn’t be using Chrome anymore.

What is Brave Browser

Here is what you need to know about Brave:

  • Built in Ad Blocker – Brave includes a built in ad-blocker.  You don’t need to install a third party plugin.  This means that it will work much faster than regular ad blockers.  Unfortunately ads have taken over some websites, making them near impossible to browse anymore.  Brave will speed up your browsing experience by blocking these annoying ads.
  • Stops Tracking – Brave blocks tracking tools.  Some websites have dozens of trackers on them.  These will slow down your page loading time as well as destroying your privacy.
  • Support Publishers – Brave has built in features to support publishers.  You can opt-in to receive privacy friendly ads, which publishers get a share of.  You can also choose to automatically tip websites you value and read regularly.
  • Built on Chromium – Chromium is the open source project that powers Google Chrome.  Brave uses the same open source project for their browser.  So you get the same browser as Google Chrome, except it doesn’t have all the tracking and account tools that Google has added.

Making Money with Brave

On Brave you can opt-in to receive privacy friendly ads.  These are shown in a way that won’t slow down your browsing.  The best thing about viewing these ads is you get paid!  Brave has a built in crypto wallet and you’ll receive payments in the form of BAT.  This is the cryptocurrency that powers the Brave eco-system.  Currently 1 BAT is worth around $1.  You can cash this out straight to AUD or convert it into another cryptocurrency.    You can find out more about the BAT token here.

How much money can you make?

I’ve found that you can make a few dollars each month from using the Brave browser.   While this isn’t a lot of money, you are essentially getting money for doing nothing.  We all browse the web you may as well get paid for viewing ads you are already viewing.

Earn Money as a Publisher

If you own a blog, Youtube account, reddit account or Twitch stream, you can link it with Brave.  Now, whenever someone views your content using Brave, you’ll earn some money.

Is Brave Browser Better than Chrome?

In my opinion Brave is a better browser than Chrome.  It uses the same platform so it looks and functions the same, but you don’t have to worry about Google tracking you.  I like the Ad Blocker as well.  I turn it off for certain sites where I’m happy for them to show ads.  But I love it on certain sites that are now impossible to use thanks to huge number of intrusive ads they have.

Is Brave Browser Free?

Yes – it’s completely free to use.  And you’ll actually earn money by using it.  You get a share of the ad revenue that advertisers pay to show privacy focused ads through Brave.

My Brave Browser Review

I’ve been using Brave for the last few months and have found it to be a perfect replacement for chrome.  While you won’t get rich browsing the web using Brave, it’s nice to earn a couple of dollars each month for doing something I’m already doing.  And I do like having a built in ad blocker in my browser.

You can download Brave for free here

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  1. Cashing BAT (into a bank account or using them as a cryptocurrency) isn’t an option yet, instead users can only use the tokens to support their favourite websites. It might change in the future, as it’s stated on their website.

    • I was able to transfer mine to an uphold wallet and then withdraw. I’m not sure if that has rolled out to all users but it worked for me.


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