Get $10 Free to Start Investing on Raiz

Update: This post has been updated for September 2020 as Raiz is once again offering their $10 bonus!

This September, investing app Raiz is giving away $10 for new users instead of the regular $5.  Read on to find out how to claim this bonus.

What is Raiz?

Raiz is a micro-investing app.  This is where you automatically invest small amounts at regular intervals.  You won’t notice the small amount of money getting invested, but over a long period it really adds up!  You can easily save $1000+ each year.  Your money gets invested in a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Raiz Promo Code Bonus: How to get $10 on Raiz

This September you can get $10 free when you sign up to Raiz.  The offer is for new users only, so if you already have a Raiz account this isn’t for you.

Here is how to get your bonus:

  1. Sign up to Raiz here
  2. Connect your bank account –  This is how you deposit and withdraw funds into your investment account.
  3. Done!

On Raiz you can choose to invest automatically using Roundups (Raiz will roundup your purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference into your investment account) or with recurring or one-off payments.  I use a combination of a weekly recurring investment and automatic roundups.  This has worked well for me – but you’ll need to find out what works best for you.

Why is Raiz good for Investing?

I believe that everyone should be investing.  If you’re building a nest egg using a savings account, you’re actually losing money to inflation (your money is worth slightly less year after year).  When you invest your money in stocks and bonds, you not only beat inflation but grow your wealth.

You could invest in stocks and bonds on your own, but the truth is most people who try picking stocks end up losing money.  And it’s also really expensive.  You can get started on Raiz with just $5, where as directly investing you’d need hundreds of dollars.

This bonus offer will most likely only last until October, so if you were thinking about signing up for Raiz then now is probably the best time.

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