Here’s an EasyEquities referral code – Get $10 Free

EasyEquities Referral CodeEasyEquities is a new low-cost share trading platform in Australia.  It offers low cost trading for both ASX (Australian) listed and U.S shares.

Using this EasyEquities referral code will give you $10 free to use on the platform.

EasyEquities Referral Code:

Here is how how to get $10 free on EasyEquities:

  1. Enter the referral code: EE875612 (or sign up to Easy Equities using this link)
  2. Verify your account
  3. You’ll get $10 free to trade

Why trade on EasyEquities

The number one reason to trade on EasyEquities is the price of brokerage.  Instead of charging a fixed fee, they charge a small percentage fee.  For a $1000 trade, you pay just $1 in fees!  This is works out to be much cheaper than pretty much every other trading platform in Australia for ASX trading.  For U.S shares, they also charge a small fee, but it would be cheaper to use eToro or Stake (as they are free).

EasyEquities Pricing

The platform supports fractional investing on U.S shares, but for ASX listed shares it’s not supported.  However there is no minimum trade size.  This means you can invest in Australian shares which much less capital.  And because the brokerage commission is a percentage fee and not a flat fee, small trades make much more sense.

Am I trading on EasyEquities?

I test out every trading platform in Australia, and I’m currently using EasyEquities so I can give it a more detailed review.  I like the fee structure.   The interface isn’t very good, but hopefully that improves with time.    I don’t know much about the company.  EasyEquities is a South African company that has been operating for some time (since 2014).

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