Here are some of the investing apps and tools I use and recommend:


Raiz – A micro-investing platform.   Invest small amounts in a diversified portfolio made up of stocks and bonds.  A great way to start investing.  You can choose from 6 different portfolios.  Raiz has a unique feature that tracks your spending and rounds-up your spare change for investment.  The more you spend the more you’ll invest.  You don’t even notice the small amounts getting invested.

Spaceship Voyager – Invest in companies that you actually care about!  Spaceship Voyager is a managed fund that invests in future looking companies.  And you don’t need thousands or even hundreds to get started.  You can start investing with as little as $5 and you won’t pay any fees until your portfolio is worth over $5k.

P.S – You can get $5 free on Spaceship here.

eToro – I use eToro to copy trade and invest in US shares.  On eToro you can trade shares with zero commissions.  This means I can save a fortune on commissions compared to using a broker like Commsec.

Stake – Stake is very similar to eToro.  You can invest in US shares with zero commissions.  I’m currently using Stake to build a dividend portfolio.  It has some dividend ETFs that eToro doesn’t currently list.

 P.S you can get a free share on Stake here.


I make full-time income from blogging.  It’s a great way to earn an income from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Siteground (hosting) – I run most of my blogs on SiteGround hosting.  The price is reasonable and you get a premium hosting account that is a step above Bluehost and some of the other cheaper hosts.  You can install WordPress automatically through Siteground, and the hosting has been optimised to run WordPress blogs.

Cloudflare (CDN + SSL) – Cloudflare is a free service that speeds up your website as well as providing some additional security features.  I recommend all bloggers should use Cloudflare.  It will make your website faster (which = more traffic) and give you a free SSL certificate.


CoinSpot – The best place to buy bitcoin and other cryptos in Australia.   Unlike Coinbase, you can buy and sell crypto on CoinSpot.  It’s a local Australian exchange, so they support instant bank transfers and BPay for transferring money into the exchange.

Other Tools

Rounded (Accounting) – I made the switch from Xero to Rounded.  If you’re a blogger, freelancer or self-employed then Rounded is for you.  I’ve found it so much easier to use compared to Xero.  It has a more modern design and because it’s targeted to sole-traders it makes way more sense for people like me.

Google Sheets – I ditched Excel for for Google Sheets.  It’s free and it pretty much does everything that excel does.  Great for keeping a budget or tracking your net worth.

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