The easiest way to save money on your Christmas Shopping

Christmas can be a very expensive time of year.  But did you know you could be saving up to 20% off what you would regularly pay, by using this one simple tip!

Doing so could save you hundreds of dollars.  So read on to find out more about Cashback and how it works.


Shopback is a website that offers you cashback on your shopping.  All you have to do is click through to the regular sites you shop at, from the Shopback site or mobile app.  When you do this, Shopback earns a commission and they pass this commission onto you.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Sign up to Shopback here (it’s free)
  2. Before checking out on your favourite online stores, make sure you visit the Shopback website first
  3. Click to visit the store from Shopback and shop like you regularly do
  4. You’ll receive the cashback deposited directly into your bank account

It really is that simple!  I can’t think of a single downside to using Shopback.   And by not using Shopback you’ll be leaving money on the table.

Where you can Shop

Obviously this only works for online shopping.  I’ve found that pretty much every store I’ve wanted to shop at is covered by Shopback.  You can easily search for a store on the website.

Cashback varies on where you shop.  Some shops only offer around 4% while others can be very lucrative and have more than 10%.

Get extra discounts

Make sure you look out for extra discounts offered by Shopback.  They have limited time offers (sometimes as limited as 1 hour) where you earn bonus cashback when shopping online at certain stores.  They do this to obviously tempt into shopping more.  Just remember not to buy more than you usually would – you’re still spending money!

If you refer your friends to Shopback you’ll also earn $5 for every one you refer.  It’s a good way to get a little extra cash before Christmas.

Other Sites

You can also earn cashback from a number of other similar sites but I haven’t found any that have the huge number of stores that Shopback does.  Here are a couple of my favourites:


You can earn “Raiz Rewards” when you shop online.  This money is deposited directly into your Raiz investment account.  Which is a good place to put it!  There are quite a few stores that you can earn rewards with.  As Raiz is a mobile app, you will need to shop using your phone.

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Don’t forget you can earn frequent flyer points when you shop online.  Now I’ve done the maths and it’s a much better deal to use Shopback and get cashback.  But frequent flyer points can still be quite valuable too.

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