The Highest Paying Survey Sites in Australia

I signed up to pretty much every survey apps to find out which are the highest paying survey sites in Australia. If you've been thinking about signing up to survey site, make sure you read this post first. Signing up to the right survey sites will have a huge impact on your income.

The Highest Paying Survey Sites in Australia

Survey AppAmount Per SurveySurveys Available
PureProfile (my top pick)$0.50-$6Lots
Swagbucks$0.10-$1The Most
Octopus Group$2-$8Very Few – None

PureProfile – The Highest Paying Survey Site

From my testing, PureProfile was the highest paying survey site in Australia. The average I was getting paid to complete a survey was around $2-3 and there were lots of surveys available. I also found that I was able to complete most surveys. Where as on other sites I was constantly getting screened out.

PureProfile is one of the highest paying survey sites in Australia
I find it quite easy to make a reasonable amount of money completing surveys on PureProfile

Why I like PureProfile

  • High Payouts – Pure Profile pays more than pretty much every other platform in Australia.
  • See the Dollar Amount Earned – On platforms like Toluna and Swagbucks you earn points which get converted into dollars. On PureProfile you can see the dollar amount you are getting for each survey.
  • Australian Company – Pure Profile is an Australian company. Pretty much all of the surveys I took were meant for Australians.
  • Bank Payouts – Get paid right to your Australian bank account.
  • Get Paid to Your Raiz Account – Your payouts can be sent directly to your Raiz investment account. A great way to grow your nest egg.

How Much Money can You Make with PureProfile?

I tested out PureProfile for 1 day. During that day I was able to make $25 pretty easily. I wanted to get to the minimum payout amount. I didn't feel like this work was too soul destroying. Where as when I was testing out Swagbucks and Toluna, it felt like much more of a grind.

If you spend a little bit of time each day, I think it's fairly easy to make $100 a week. This would be a massive $5200 in a year – enough to pay for that holiday over summer holidays.

Of all the survey sites in Australia, I found PureProfile to be the most worthwhile. I'm going to continue using PureProfile as my number one survey app.

You Can Find out More About PureProfile Here

Qmee – My Second Best Survey Site

I've been using Qmee for a while and I've found them to be a reliable survey site to make a little extra side hustle income. The money I make from Qmee isn't as much as I make on PureProfile but it's still higher than most other survey sites.

I've also found that Qmee always has a good number of high paying surveys to complete.

Why I like Qmee

  • High Paying Surveys – Every day I'm able to find surveys that pay over $2 each on Qmee.
  • Streak Awards – If you use Qmee for 5 days in a row, you'll start earning 10% more. This really ads up overtime.
  • Super Fast Payouts – Qmee pays to your PayPal account. I've found that payouts happen within a couple of minutes from requesting.
  • Cashback Offers – If you want to increase your earnings, Qmee offers some cashback offers.

Find out more about Qmee here


Swagbucks has been around for a long time. If you put in the effort, it is possible to make decent money through Swagbucks. But I wouldn't sign up to Swagbucks in Australia without first trying out PureProfile and Qmee – You'll earn more on those sites and they have more Australian surveys.

Swagbucks can feel like a bit of a grind. During my testing I found that I was starting a lot of surveys only to be screened out. Where as on PureProfile I was able to complete most of the surveys I started and get paid. I ended wasting quite a bit of time through Swagbucks.

Because Swagbucks offers multiple ways to make money, it's still worth joining, but it's not my top pick.

Find out more about Swagbucks

Octopus Group

Octopus Group is an Australian Survey Site. Octopus Group is often touted as being one of the highest paying survey sites. And they do pay a lot per survey. The only problem is that I've found there are very few surveys you can actually take.

Octopus Group will email you when a survey becomes available. On the other platforms I found there was always a survey I could take if I had a spare 20 minutes.

In my testing I found it hardest to make any reliable income through Octopus Group. I would sign up – you may get sent high paying surveys, but don't expect regular income like you can on PureProfile or Qmee.


My biggest gripe with Toluna is the points system. Instead of showing you a dollar amount you earn points which can then be converted into a PayPal washout or other gift cards. The problem is the conversion rate seems to be really high.

I also found myself getting screened out for most surveys. On PureProfile, I felt like I was only being shown surveys that I was suitable for. Where as on Toluna I was wasting a lot of time clicking only to earn nothing at the end.

Although you can find some high paying surveys on Toluna, I found the survey app to be quite frustrating to use.

How to Earn More Money Completing Surveys

Here are my top tips for earning more money completing surveys for money:

  • Always be Honest – Don't just click random answers. Survey sites have built in controls to filter those type of people out. You'll find you won't be given anymore surveys.
  • Use Multiple Sites – I use multiple sites and only complete the highest paying surveys on each site.
  • Check in Regularly – New surveys come and go, and the top paying surveys often don't appear for that long before they get filled. So it's worth checking into the apps on a regular basis to see what surveys are available.
  • Be Aware of Scams – Some sites like AussiePaidSurveys aren't legit. The sites I've recommended have all been in business for a long time and have a good reputation. You shouldn't need to ever enter personal details when completing a survey.

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