Is Kogan First Worth It? My Review

Kogan first members get a number of special features on the Australian shopping marketplace Kogan. And if you regularly shop at Kogan it might be worthwhile as you'll end up saving money on shipping costs. I tried out Kogan First to see if it's actually worth paying for and whether there are better alternatives.

What is Kogan First

Kogan First is a paid membership program on Kogan.com. The program offers a number of perks. These include

  • Free Shipping – You'll receive free shipping on products that have the “Kogan First” logo.
  • Rewards – You'll get 1-2% cashback in the form of rewards. This rewards credit can be used on future Kogan purchases.
  • Everyday Discounts – You'll get 5% of pantry and beverage purchases.
  • Special Discounts – Kogan runs regular promotions for Kogan members with exclusive discounts.

How Much is Kogan First

Here is the current pricing for Kogan First:

Price Per Year
Kogan First$79

Kogan doesn't offer a monthly subscription to First.

Is Kogan First Worth It?

At $79 a year, it's quite an expensive membership. It's only worth signing up to Kogan First if you make regular purchases on Kogan. If you make regular purchases you will end up saving money on shipping. Shipping fees on Kogan can cost around $9 per order. It's even more for express shipping. With Kohan First you get free shipping you don't however get free express shipping.

For most people, Kogan First probably won't be worth it. But if you're a repeat Kogan customer, the combination of free shipping and rewards credit will make it worthwhile.

If you see a members only discounted item you can also sign up for Kogan First's free trial to get the discount and then cancel your subscription right away.

How to Get Kogan first for Free

Kogan offers a free 14 day trial of First. So you can sign up for free to test it out and you're free to cancel it as well if you find it's not for you.

If you have a Kogan Money Credit Card you'll also get Kogan First for free.

Kogan First vs Amazon Prime

Kogan's closest competitor is Amazon. I don't see any point in having both a Kogan First membership and an Amazon Prime membership. They both offer similar things, but in my opinion an Amazon Prime membership is much better.

Here's why:

  • Prime Shipping is Better – Amazon offers free express shipping for Prime members. I'm often able to get next day delivery in Australia with Prime.
  • Much Bigger Marketplace – Amazon offers more products than Kogan. I find that Amazon has a much bigger range of household goods like Toilet Paper, tissues etc. Kogan doesn't seem to stock these. You can also ship products on Amazon from overseas with free shipping.
  • Prime Video and Prime Music – Prime members get access to Prime Video (which is similar to Netflix) and Prime Music (which is similar to Spotify).
  • Better Deals – In my opinion Prime has better deals during their Prime Day promotions.

The price of Prime is $6.99 a month which works out to be similar albeit slightly more expensive than Kogan First. But you do get a whole lot more with Amazon Prime.

If you're looking to save money on shipping and have been tossing up between Kogan First and Amazon Prime, I would go with Prime. There's a larger product range and you get free express shipping.

You can find out more about Amazon Prime here

Can you Cancel Your Kogan First Membership Straight Away?

If you've signed up to the Kogan First free trial you can cancel your Kogan First membership right away. If you've made an order with free shipping and cancel your First membership that order will still ship for free. So yes, you can cancel your Kogan First membership straight away.

What Does “First” Mean on Kogan

If you see the “First” icon on products, it means those products will ship with free shipping if you're a member of Kogan First. Products without the “First” logo aren't eligible for free shipping.

You may also see the First icon next to prices. This indicates a members only price. Only members get the discounted price.

The First icon on Kogan means free shipping
Look out for the “First” icon as it indicates free shipping.

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