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WeMoney Referral CodeWeMoney is a new app in Australia that lets you track your spending, investments and credit history.    You can now see all your financial products (such as bank account, shares, micro-investments and more) in one dashboard.

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WeMoney Referral Code – $5 Bonus

Here is how to get $5 free from WeMoney:

  1. Download and install the WeMoney app from the App Store.
  2. Enter the code: TWWX6356
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What is WeMoney

WeMoney is a dashboard for your finances that is purpose built for Australians and supports Australian banks and investing platforms.  Here is what it does:

  • Overview of your money – Get a complete overview of your savings, cash accounts and investments (such as stocks).
  • Financial Health Score – WeMoney tracks your income and expenses.  Your expenses also get broken down into categories so you can see where your money is being spent.
  • Bill Tracking – See which bills are upcoming.
  • Credit Score Tracking – WeMoney will automatically track your credit score and alert you if anything pops up.  You can monitor your score to see how you can improve it over time.
  • Support for Apps like Stake and Spaceship – Track your investments that you’ve using neo-investment apps.


Why use WeMoney

If you’re looking for an app to automatically track your financial accounts, then WeMoney could be for you.  There are a few of these apps in Australia, but WeMoney is the best designed in my opinion.  I found it the easiest to use – the signup process was easy and so was linking my accounts.

I also love that WeMoney supports apps like Stake and Spaceship – two investing app that I use.  I like the idea of getting a complete overview of all my accounts without needing to check into each app.  I also liked being able to check my credit score.  It’s not something I’ve thought much about (even though I just bought a house), but it’s nice to know it’s looking healthy.

WeMoney is still in beta so there might be some bugs here and there.

Find out more about WeMoney here

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