Here’s a Spaceship Voyager Promo Code

spaceship voyager promoUpdate – We’ve updated the spaceship promo code for November – Spaceship is currently offering a $10 sign up bonus.

I’ve been using the Spaceship Voyager app for the past few months.  It’s one of my favourite investment products.  They are currently running a promo where you get $10 free when you sign up to use the app.  It’s a great way to start your saving and investing journey.  Read on to find out how to get the bonus:

What is Spaceship Voyager

Spaceship Voyager is a new way to save and invest money. You can start investing with as little as $5 and then setup either scheduled investments of invest one off lump sums.  Your money gets invested in a diverse portfolio of stocks.  You can choose one of two portfolios – one is made up of the companies Spaceship thinks will be important in the future.  Think Apple, Tesla, Netflix etc.  The other is an index fund made up of the top 200 most popular companies.

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eToro Referral Code: Get a $100 Bonus

eToro bonus referral codeUpdate – This offer is no longer available.  But you can still join and refer other people to get a $100 bonus

eToro is running a referral bonus where you get $100 when you sign up.  So make sure you use this eToro referral code before joining.

eToro is an online trading platform with social and copy trading features.   But its best feature is eToro’s zero commission trading.  This means you can buy stocks such as Apple, Netflix, Tesla etc and you won’t pay any brokerage fees.

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Here’s a Cashrewards Referral Code: Get $10 Free!

Cashrewards referral codeCashrewards is an Australian cashback site.   Before you sign up, make sure you take advantage of this Cashrewards referral code to get a bonus $20 when you join!

The great thing about Cashrewards is you can earn cashback for both online and in store purchases.  If you haven’t signed up for Cashrewards, you’re potentially missing out on free money for shopping like you regularly shop!

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Here’s a Selfwealth Referral Code – Get 5 Trades Free

Selfwealth referral codeBefore signing up to Selfwealth make sure you take advantage of this offer to get 5 trades free.  Using this Selfwealth referral code could potentially save you nearly $50 in brokerage fees.

Selfwealth is a popular Australian stock trading platform.  I think it’s a pretty good way to buy ASX listed shares.  Here’s how to get your signup bonus:

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Get $10 Free to Start Investing on Raiz

Update: This post has been updated for September 2020 as Raiz is once again offering their $10 bonus!

This September, investing app Raiz is giving away $10 for new users instead of the regular $5.  Read on to find out how to claim this bonus.

What is Raiz?

Raiz is a micro-investing app.  This is where you automatically invest small amounts at regular intervals.  You won’t notice the small amount of money getting invested, but over a long period it really adds up!  You can easily save $1000+ each year.  Your money gets invested in a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds.

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How to Get a Free Stock on Stake

How to get a free stock on StakeStake is an Australian app that lets you trade stocks without commissions.  They are currently running a bonus offer where you get a free stock when you sign up with the app and deposit funds.    So before signing up to Stake make sure you read this post to find out how to claim a free stock.

I’m not sure how long Stake will offer this free stock bonus, so if you were thinking of signing up, better to do it sooner rather than later.

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